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Glass and Windows


Our windows are:

  • A-Rated as standard in our PV and Aluminium window designs
  • UPVC and Aluminium doors and windows in a choice of various colors
  • Made-to-measure to fit – and available in a range of designs and styles to match your vision.
  • Built to last – We have a vast choice of designs in either UPVC or Aluminium 

Anti-Sun Glass

Everybody enjoys a little sunlight in their house, but too much can become a nuisance.  Anti-Sun glass is specially treated to reduce glare so you can enjoy the sun in comfort. Why not upgrade to our PLANITHERM 4S which will provide you with anti glare windows and doors.  

Toughened Safety Glass

We install toughened safety glass as standard for all our full-height window panels and all windows within 80cm of the floor – So if something breaks your glass, it will simply shatter into small, virtually harmless fragments.

Heatlock Glass

To keep your home as warm and energy-efficient as possible, our glass has high performance low emission double glazed units. This energy efficient glass retains heat and keeps your heating bills down. Our standard sealed units also include Argon Gas, which keeps even more heat in.

Security Glass

For a combination of warmth and security, our security glass combines the heat-retaining elements of our standard sealed units with specially reinforced elements that make it almost impossible to break through. The outer pane is made of laminated glass, two pieces of glass bonded together by an inter layer of plastic film for maximum strength and resistance.

It’s so important to feel safe and secure in your own home. Whether you’re at home or away you can enjoy complete peace of mind about the security of your loved ones and your property with windows.

  • Our most secure window choices are our uPVC or Aluminium windows and doors.
  • For additional window security, we fit glazing beads on the inside of our uPVC windows to prevent intruders from prising their way in. We can also install laminated glass for further security if required.
  • We also fit enhanced security features to all of our windows; including stainless steel multi-point locking mechanisms and lockable window handles.
  • We test our products rigorously to ensure that they can withstand attempted break-ins. If they don’t pass the test, we don’t put them on the market.
  • Home security is so central to what we do here at Green Eco offices.