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Exterior Cladding


Exterior cladding options vary depending on the product you purchase. Our Garden rooms have a choice of different outside cladding. 


Over the past few decades Western Red Cedar Cladding has become one of the most popular external/internal claddings. Cedar cladding has rich and variable colours, a high resistance to decay and high durability from natural preservatives. Left unstained or unvarnished cedar cladding will turn silvery grey. Alternatively the cedar cladding can be stained with Sikkens or other products to maintain its rich colours.

CEDARWOOD 18mm vertically boarded



Thermowood Cladding is produced by Steam Heat Treating Scandinavian Softwood in a kiln at a very high temperature. The heat goes to the core of the wood drying out any moisture & resin. The result is reduced moisture content & enhanced physical properties, the end result is a product 50% more stable than untreated softwood.



Larchwood is a very strong robust wood with moderate durability, and is resistant to rot and fungal attack making it ideal for outdoor use. The timber is pleasing to the eye with warm colours; golden brown varying to yellow and orange in the heartwood. Due to its high density, Larchwood is not flammable, maintains high wear-resistance and is non-corrosive. It requires no preservative treatment, and like Cedar will silver down with U.V. exposure over a period of one to two years.